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The association advocates comprehension, trust and co-operation amongst Germany and the Arab World. The affiliation coordinates in an extensive variety of fields, to be specific "Governmental issues", "Business and Economics", "Culture, Science and Education" and "Media and Communication". This guarantees individuals from altogether different fields contribute eagerly to the The association and its goals. Its fundamental point is to extend the German-Arab relations. Address arrangement as "Middle Easterner States in Transformation", "Economy in Focus" or "Ex Oriente Lux – Europe and the Arab World" concentrate on the social advancements in the Arab States and addresses diverse parts of the present and authentic trade amongst Europe and the Arab World. This adds to decrease general preferences and to develop a trustful relationship on a long haul premise. The The association comprehends itself as a stage of the German-Arab trade and sets up contact and sorts out occasions in close participation with affiliations, activities, establishments, two-sided social orders and organizations. .

Legislative issues The association advances political trade amongst Germany and the Arab nations through open exchange and serene correspondence. It is the mission of the The association to develop the common comprehension amongst Germany and the Arab nations on the level of state, governmental issues and society and also to talk about political subjects and prospects. The The association nearly works together with the Arab ministers in Berlin and all German and Arab gatherings and organizations devoted to the tranquil improvement of German-Arab relations.

Business and Economics: The association sees itself as a connection amongst legislative issues and economy in Germany and the Arab nations. It arranges fitting occasions with the plan to give data in monetary advancement, for example, money related frameworks and subsidizing openings with a specific concentrate on the arrangement of Islamic back. The German-Arab Friendship Association (The association) arranges and sorts out designations for German organizations to Arab nations. Besides the The association helps with the arrangement and acknowledgment of visits of Arab designations to Germany and backings the German economy in the start and development of contacts with the Arab world. In this way the The association puts an accentuation on the association of venture gatherings, where high-positioning delegates can show speculation openings in their Arab home nations and direct contacts can be built up.

login Culture, Science and Education: The individuals who wish to anticipate clashes between societies must perceive social similitudes and demonstrate an enthusiasm for social contrasts. The The association advances trades in the fields of culture, science and training by sorting out occasions, gatherings, outings and trade programs. It expands on the developing readiness of all sides to participate in social trade notwithstanding encouraging

Media and Communication: To create and reinforce relations amongst Germany and the Arab world it is important to meet on an individual level and in addition setting up powerful channels of correspondence. The The association constructs organizes between various performers in the field of German-Arab relations. With a constant work in the fields of print media, radio, TV and web the The association looks to make its strategies and targets straightforward and open to general society. The German-Arab Friendship Association (The association) is a non-divided, non-benefit association that endeavors to be straightforward in every one of its dealings. It offers its individuals a wide assortment of chances to get required in different exercises.


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